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Mint your Silly Sativa & Participate in our First 1000 raffle!

To boost our mint and quickly generate budget for more marketing activities, we are organizing “The First 1,000 Raffle”. It works like this:

For every 200 mints (up to 1,000 mints) we give away 0.5 ETH among holders. So holders of Silly Sativa #1 to Silly Sativa #200 have a chance to win 0.5 ETH. This works the same for holders of Silly Sativa #201 to Silly Sativa #400 and so on. Your Silly Sativa NFT number is your ticket. Want more chances? Mint multiple NFTs (max 5 per wallet)! The mint price during the raffle will be 0.01 ETH. You can see the current number of NFT’s minted on our dropsite.

Don’t forget to join our discord server after minting, to stay up to date about the raffle!

Or connect your wallet below to mint directly