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Silly Sativa’s FAQ

Everything you need to know about the Silly Sativa NFT collection

How can we make sure that this project is legit?

To drop our collection we use niftykit. At niftykit we are verified by stripe Identity, see 

Why 4200 NFT's?

We chose the number 4200 because of 4-20. We love 4-20.

Why an NFT collection about Weed?

obviously because we love weed! Also we noticed there are a lot of weed smokers / lovers in the NFT space and we missed a real dope NFT collection focused on weed.

How much will it cost to get a Silly Sativa NFT?
  • You can mint a Silly Sativa NFT for just 0.05 ETH
Will the collection be available on opensea?

Yes it will after we sell out the whitelist and public mint!

When will the collection be revealed?

We will reveal the collection after we’ve sold out!

Will there be more drops / collections in the future?

We don’t know yet. this depends on how the first collection is received.