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Silly Sativa’s NFT – Mint now!

The only NFT collection where you DO want to see your investment go up in smoke

Silly Sativa NFT collection

Silly Sativa’s is a collection of 4,200 (We love 4-20)  NFT’s on the Ethereum blockchain. One silly sativa is also one ticket to our annual 4-20 raffle.  So make sure you hold on to your Sativa and collect as many as you can!

In addition, all Silly Sativa holders have a change to receive a golden Sativa bud that is randommally airdropped into their wallets.These golden buds are worth 0.5 ETH! The more sativas you have in your possession, the more chance you have of getting a golden bud!

Note: 25 sativa’s are being withheld from the sale. These will be used for giveaways.

We donate 5% of our sales to Realm Of caring

Cannabis, of course, is glorified as a recreational drug. Something we also have a stake in.
But cannabis also has many medical uses. This is something we also want to bring to the attention
with our project, which is why we became supporters of Realm of caring:

Through revolutionary research, innovative education, and empowering global community connections,
Realm of Caring (RoC)
seeks to facilitate and encourage the mainstream acceptance of transformative, plant-powered therapies to benefit individuals and families and serve healthcare providers and the hemp and cannabis industries.


As support of RoC we’re donating 5% of our sales to help them reach their goals.




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Get your Sativa

Our sale has started. Want to own a Silly Sativa NFT? Go to our mint page!

The Specs



Each Silly Sativa  is unique and programmatically generated from over 153 possible traits, including expression, headwear, flower pots, and more. All Sativa’s are unique, but some are rarer than others. Who doesn’t want to own a Sativa where ‘Got weed? Got Blunt?’ is printed on the flower pot?!

The Sativa’s are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a Sativa will always cost 0.05 ETH. 

To access holders-only content and utilities, Sativa’s owners will need to be signed into their Metamask Wallet.

The ‘First 1000’ Raffle – participate now! 

To boost our mint and quickly generate budget for more marketing activities, we are organizing “The First 1,000 Raffle. It works like this:

For every 200 mints (up to 1,000 mints) we give away 0.5 ETH among holders. So holders of NFT #1 to NFT #200 have a chance to win 0.5 ETH. This works the same for holders of NFT #201 to NFT #400 and so on. Your Silly Sativa NFT number is your ticket. Want more chances? Mint multiple NFTs (max 5 per wallet)! The mint price during the raffle will be 0.01 ETH. 



We’re in this to take over! We’ve set up some targets for ourselves. Once we hit a target (sell through percentage), we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.Over time as the popularity of Silly Sativa NFT grows, use cases and benefits for the Silly Sativa NFT Collection will unlock and expand!


5 % |
Break even

We break even around the point of 5% sell through. The cost of art, fees, website, hosting , marketing etc. From this point we will use our funds to run multiple marketing campaigns with influencers on different platforms!


20 % |
Silly Merch

Holder-Exclusive Silly Sativa Merch Store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies. 


50 % |
Silly Sativa Greenhouse

From this point we’re starting our research to create a Silly Sativa Greenhouse; A community that will plans meet and greets, events, additional use Cases and much more.



75 % |

Lauch Silly Sativa Greenhouse

Now it’s time to release the Silly Sativa Greenhouse!


100 % |
4-20 Raffle & golden buds

– The annual 4-20 Raffle is here to stay. Holders only!
–  We airdrop 10 Golden Sativa Buds worth 0.5 ETH randomally to Sativa holders


100 % |

At 100% sell through, we should be financially able to deliver just about anything within reason and frankly, this sounds like something the Silly Sativa community should decide and vote on when the time comes.



The anatomy of a Sativa

Hair / hats

Hold your head up high;
there are 38 different hats / haircuts


Can’t smoke weed without a mouth:
there are 13 different mouth attributes


Protect ya neck;
there are 24 differents neck attribtues


My eyes are red;
there are 8 different eyes / attributes


Pass the dutchie to the left hand side;
there are 16 different hand attributes


The base of every sativa;
there are 4 different pots

The Team



The Developer



The Artist



The instigator